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Default How's it going?

Every now and again I come in here to reminisce and, in some cases, lament. Got me wondering how everyone is doing, if anyone even checks this place. I think this board was better than FB or any other social media is or can ever aspire to be yet, sadly, the blockbusters of social media have seemed to put mom and pop shops like this out of business.

Interesting segueway... I remember back in the 80's when Blockbuster was coming around and buying or otherwise putting the mom and pops out of business. Fast forward to just a few years ago and I got to witness Blockbuster go out of business itself because of Redbox, Netflix, the internet and the like. Poetic justice? Perhaps...

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Default Re: How's it going?

I check in almost every day. When I have something interesting, or some work that I have done to post, I do. Then I put a link onto the fb page that brings people here to read it. People follow, but no one ever seems to have their own things to contribute.

I didn't trust putting personal stuff on fb before they proved to be untrustworthy, and my expectations have not changed.

As for me, life goes on. Too much rugby has decimated several of my bodies joints, and pain is pretty much a continual part of my life now. I had to stop construction - ladders, crawling around on floors, walking on slopped roofs and being on my feet all day are not in the cards any more. I drive a school bus a couple times a day at the moment, and am working on getting some woodworking business on the side.

I too lament the lose of this place. I don't know if it was truly unique, but it was unique in my experience.
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Default Re: How's it going?

I rarely even check it anymore. I pay the hosting bill more often than I login. I miss what this place used to be, but Facebook killed the message board star.

Been doin OK. Mostly just work, eat, sleep and repeat.

Kids are growing up. Meg turned 24 in June. Her boy gave her a ring and says he wants her forever and she seems to be ok with that. They finally found a place they might be able to afford. About a 250 sq ft studio that costs as much as my mortgage payment. We are all excited, for different reasons lol. She works at Starbucks, I think about 5 years now.. they have a great education program and are paying for most her school. She'll have a Bachelor's degree in another year or so.

Kendall just turned 22. He's doing great, has a decent job but still lives here at home as rents are ridiculous. And he spends way too much money on his car, but I'm still proud of him for what he's learned to do. He's basically building a street legal racecar. He drives it back and forth to work, but then straps race tires to the trunk and off to the track to go play. He's learned a lot and developed quickly into a very good driver. Heres a lil sample, it's fun to watch him run down cars that should be faster than him -

As tough as it is for the kids, I hope the housing market continues to go up so I can afford to cash out and go somewhere else and just pay cash for a house and give up the high stress job and chill. Whatever I used to have that resembled ambition is gone. I just want to be able to sleep at night without worrying about what's going to break next and get me out of bed in the middle of the night or take a vacation and know they can get by without me for a week or two. I haven't been riding much for various reasons, but planning a 5 day ride in October. Will tour Northern Ca and maybe into Oregon. Assuming it doesn't all burn up before then.

Michelle/Wingmam is doing good too. Stays busier than I do. Her sister passed away suddenly a couple years ago. Basically just dropped dead, heart just stopped, they aren't even sure why. But that kind freaked Michelle and she started working out. Shes running, biking and swimming and has done a few sprint triathlons. She's also mentoring other ladies who want to get into it. Keeps her busy and reduces stress, so all good.

I guess at 2 in the morning I was bored and a lil lonely, so that's what you got ha...
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Default Re: How's it going?

Face book ... or maybe we have all just become the people we feared our parents would make us be. Beats me.

It was damned nice to read something about someone here again. I am glad things are going okay down in your neck of the woods!

I drop by here every time I am on the computer and looking into my social media. And I still start posts here, and cross reference them to the fb page, so people have to come here to read my drivel. Or look at my work. Sadly, it has not led to others following suit.
I like to take my time
I like to linger as it flies
A weekend on your lips
A lifetime in your eyes
Leonard Cohen

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Default Re: How's it going?

Holy Moly...I'm surprised I even remembered my login.

Life updates...divorced for three years and couldn't be happier about losing 250 lbs. (him). Still working at the same job, going on 43 years...who does that nowadays?? Volunteered for a temporary assignment (four months) this summer that has had me travelling to Norfolk, Virginia. I fly down on Monday, stay for two weeks, fly home for the weekend then back the following Monday. It's been fun and interesting, training agents and their staff on a new application. Just putting in my time until the company tells me to retire.

As far as the kids, my daughter is 33, not married but in a relationship for the past five years. She and her significant other just purchased a townhouse and will be moving into in November. They're talking marriage and will probably just go to the courthouse one day. My son, like Shayne's is still living with me and has a "regular" good paying job. He's learning the facts of life, like budgeting and saving so that he doesn't have to live with Mom for the rest of his life. When he flies the coop I'll get rid of the house.

Hopefully, planning on going back to Hawaii again next year.

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Default Re: How's it going?

Same old stuff here. Still work for the health department (24 years) and oversee the food inspection program. I spend most of my time in the office instead of in the field. My only fieldwork for the most part is related to examining plans for new/renovated restaurants and the subsequent inspections. More responsibility, dealing with personnel instead of just restaurant people – makes the days go by at least! Looking forward to a few days off for Rosh Hashana next week.

No vacation this year since the alleged budget for that was taken up by renovating the bathroom. We demoed and fully renovated what was basically the original full bath of the house back in February. Like a lot of projects, we finished the vase majority of it within a few weeks but still haven’t gotten around to the touchups. Some of that delay was due to my reno souvenir – a torn ligament in my index finger. No idea how I did it, but luckily it was in my left hand (I’m a rightie). Other than some pain in it, the finger didn’t impede much until I had surgery in June to repair it. Almost three months later, the finger is still stiff but most of the mobility is back. Some residual swelling still to go and need to work on strengthening but the surgeon and hand therapists are pleased. To make up for the lack of vacation this year, we’re planning a trip to Mexico (Playa del Carmen) in February.

The kids are good. Ayelet just began her third year of college – she’s majoring in International Relations, minoring in Psych and Disaster Mental Health (who knew that was a thing?). Deanna just began her junior year in high school which means we’re starting up on the college cycle once again. Time to start making campus visits, researching, etc. Prep for the SATs, ACTs, and reminding her that economic feasibility is the main impediment to some of the colleges she thinks she’s interested in ($50-70K per year for private or out-of-state non-resident tuition, room and board). Jay is good, still working IT by day and volunteer firemedic in his off hours. He’s running for lieutenant in his firehouse soon.

In general, all is well
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Default Re: How's it going?

I still check in occasionally, just in case. I do like having the BS group on Facebook but I know not everyone uses FB or is comfortable posting there.

I'm glad to see these updates. Keeping up with each other on facebook is fun, but sometimes we don't share the details we used to share with each other here.

Mike and I sold our machine shop last year. We had attracted a few fairly big oilfield names and so we were able to negotiate a decent deal. We would have loved to keep it, but we couldn't deal with the stress of the industry the way it's been going the past few years. Mike remained as the lead designer and R&D guy for them, and I started a small editing/technical writing business. I'm not as busy as I would like to be, but I've done a few things. My favorite so far was editing a memoir written by the mom of a young meth addict.

Kyler is 19 and taking a couple years off while he saves money and decides what he wants to do for schooling. He's been working at Sports World, but is getting ready to start a new job doing oilfield pipeline cleanouts and maintenance. Time will tell whether he likes it and sticks it out or not. His current thought on schooling is civil engineering, but that could change again too.

Katie is 18 and also taking a couple years off to think about things and save money. After three years at a grocery store chain, working her way from cashier to customer service to cash office, she was offered a job on the administration side of things as soon as she graduated this past June, so she hopes to stick with that until she goes back to school. She also is undecided, bouncing between nursing and dental hygiene, but recently throwing business management into the mix.

We are finally done with minor hockey this year. Kyler's final year playing was 2016-2017, but then he and Mike decided to coach together for the 2017-2018 season.

We still camp a lot, alternating between continuing to explore different parts of Alberta and just "farm camping" because my dad seems to like having all of us there for two or three days at a time.

I have become both more and less bitchy as I age. Less likely to lose my mind over things that don't matter, but more likely to speak up when it does matter. I enjoy making things awkward.

Also, I miss these guys.
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Default Re: How's it going?

I, too, check in occasionally. I miss the board. I donít share much on FB. I just donít trust what FB may use our info for.

Anyways, I retired over two years ago now. I had been very ill for a year while being treated for aggressive, high grade breast cancer. The treatment just sapped all my strength so when treatment ended, I had to decide on whether to return to full-time status. My boss wasnít a people person and things were just bad. So, I decided to take early retirement. I havenít regretted it.

After retiring, we sold our house in San Diego and moved to Temecula. We have a lovely home on the 17th green of a local golf course. Yard is small so just right for us.

My kids are well. Oldest son is the watch engineer at the largest hospital in San Diego. He has three daughters, ages 8, 5, and 1. I Ďthinkí they are planning to have another. One last try for a boy, I guess. His wife is amazing and a special ed teacher. They own a small ranch in Valley Center. I love their place.

Middle son made partner at his law firm and bought a house in LA. They recently adopted a pit bull and spend a lot of time with her training. He is now into building furniture as his hobby and still enjoys his motorcycle track days. I donít think he and his wife will have children. They both like traveling and donít see a need for a child in their lives.

Youngest son is in his final year as a pipe fitter apprentice. YAY! He is married with an adorable two-year-old girl. Because of increasingly high rents, they pretty much live pay check to pay check. Itís a struggle for them, like so many others.

It's great to read updates on everyone!
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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
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Default Re: How's it going?

Hello, all! I still check here every now & then...mostly the Adult section to see if there's any new nudity.

Life is good. Still son is now 13 and he's a great kid! New house, new truck, a job I like...we're doing really well. Not much else to report. We're boring adults now.
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Default Re: How's it going?

Well, geez, updates....

I'm working on getting a divorce, after 18 years I decided it's just too toxic for me and I should get a brain and move on. The light is (hopefully) at the end of the tunnel. I have been asking for this since May and he refuses to leave my house, but now he is saying that he will be out by the 22nd of this month. We shall see, and hope.

I'm in my second semester of nursing school, will hopefully graduate in December of '19, and then I would like to move away and never look back.

The kids are both teenagers, Colleen is driving and has a job as a hostess at a restaurant. Connor is a typical 13yo boy and spends his free time yelling at strangers playing fortnight.

I also have a new puppy whom I love with all of my heart. He is possibly a lab/doberman mix, we rescued him from the local shelter.
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Default Re: How's it going?

Originally Posted by Bugs View Post
this board was better than FB or any other social media is or can ever aspire to be
Full stop. YES.

But times change, I guess and it becomes difficult to keep doing the same thing, maybe.

I check in occasionally, especially with Dion posting links to the page in the FB chat group...I try not to go back in the past and read things my younger self said. It can be rather cringe-worthy.

Not sure when the last time was that I "checked in" I'll give a basic rundown of the last few years.

FL - NY - Germany - FL ...Husband got pushed out of the Army and we decided after living in Europe for a bit that maybe it's not the worst ever and might find a way to go back. Husband is using his GI Bill to go to school and get a little more education (military only does so much, plus he was allowed to do a lot in his army job, but the civilian equivalent is not even cleaning bedpans, it's EMT basic). Initial goal is bachelor's in nursing so he can start working again. He may have an option to do a vocation rehab type program that might pay for a master's...and if he can get access to that, he's gonna. It gives similar benefits to the GI Bill (tuition, allowance, book stipend)...but is different somehow.

Because of our status (poor as fuck), I am eligible for some grants to go to school as well. And was really fucking disappointed to hear that when I was 18 and turned away from community college b/c of my homeschool status that it was actually just a matter of an affidavit being signed and I could enroll. I guess better late than never, but if I'd known I could get education way back when I might have. No way to know, now. I'm doing a basic associate's degree (AA/AS)...Some of it is really easy. Some of it is harder than I expected. But I don't mind the work. And I feel like for the first time ever I understand school. My hope is once we're overseas I can apply to a midwifery college. I've worked a few odd jobs here and there just to make sure we can pay for stuff...I even worked briefly in food service!

Kids...J is 14.5 with braces and purple hair...and bisexual (she is not out to our extended family b/c of their churchy status). We enrolled her in a dual enrollment high school with a focus on culinary. She did her language early and only has like 1 semester left of Spanish and her teacher says she is one of the best students...even among the kids who speak Spanish at home...Not necessarily b/c of fluency, but her accent. When she graduates high school she'll have a basic food handling certificate, plus an associate's degree. This was kind of a necessary step b/c if we get overseas she will be 18 and might be "too old" to just come with us as a family her educational status might help her come with us instead. We were initially going to try and go mid-HS career but ultimately decided that would not be the best for her education.

A will be 11 this in chorus with a great teacher that finds programs and camps and clinics for her to do b/c he thinks she is really wonderfully talented (there is a group of 3-4 students he has picked from the regular chorus to do things like this). She does great on her STEM projects, which I never help with. And I think now that she's finally stabilized in a school (we moved a lot with the military so much she basically did not do 2 full years in one school until 3rd/4th grades) her teachers are seeing her abilities and she's been tested for gifted classes and they're looking at moving her. (While I obviously think my kid is a genius, she also has a late she is 11 when most of her class is newly 10 when they get into 5th grade...she may be "should" be in 6th grade, but the birthday cut off means she isn't.) We will be helping her focus on getting some extra classes online when she starts middle school...b/c we will likely leave the US (if we can keep on track) right before she starts high school.

K - is 5.5 (born in Germany), and a whirlwind of a child. She is the sweetest, most caring, most loving child I have ever seen in my life...Who is also like the Tasmanian devil in her level of destruction. We were not able to do any real pre-k programs for her last year but did a short summer program to kind of get her boot-camp ready for kindergarten. She is now in kindergarten. She has been in school 33 days...we have had 2 in-person conferences, 2 phone conferences, and many many notes passed back and forth between myself and the teacher. The school seems dumbfounded by her. On one hand, yes, my child just randomly gets up to look at herself in the mirror. But you can't also yell at her for picking up sticks on the playground b/c she is 5 and playing with sticks is NORMAL. So I'm not sure if they're being unreasonable or I am. It also takes her a longer than average time to learn lessons (she got scratched by the same cat every week for a YEAR before going, "I think that cat doesn't want me to pick it up!" after it clawed her in the face and then used it as a springboard to jump away). But once she learns that lesson? She never lets it go and will treat it as law...but also apply it to EVERYONE everywhere. "Don't touch that cat, she will jump on your face."

An older sister passed kind of expectedly in 2016...she was only 40. She had a 20-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter...She had organ failure. Her kidneys had been failing for years, but her lifestyle was not helping at all. Smoking, drinking, eating shit foods. She had her lungs collapse a few years before...It was happening at a very weird time b/c my grandparents needed a lot of care and I was busy helping with that as well. It was basically 2 years of total exhaustion and stress. Grandpa died last year, grandma is in a nursing home against the wishes of about half the family...but the one in charge of the money (who lives out of state) likes the nursing home b/c it is 5 minutes from the airport. I'm trying not to get pulled into that family drama.

I still don't tell the short version of things.
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