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OJ Simpson

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Default Um hi, looking for a good lawyer

Ok, so I am in jail right now, and I need a good lawyer because some police think that I killed some sports collectibles.

Did I say killed sports collectibles? I mean I killed my wife.

DAMNIT, I mean I stole some sports collectibles.

DAMNIT AGAIN! I mean some people think I stole some sports collectibles.

So yah, I need a lawyer. I hear there are a couple here. Including a pretty white girl.

Man, I haven't
Spoiler Alert! (mouseover to view)
fucked, married, and murdered
... er I mean TALKED to a nice white girl for a long time. Yah, talked.


Die. Huh huh huh. Its like shooting my wife in a barrel. Wait. I didn't do that. But I wrote a book about it. Ha ha. Damn I am so smart. These idiots don't know that book is a confession.

Wait, did I type that or think it?


Be cool man. Be cool. The Bronco is parked outside.

Crap, did I think that or type that too? Well, maybe these people won't notice. Just move on.


Er... yah.

So um, yah. Like, where are the BS Brigade lawyers at? I need to hire one. I am good for payment. Really. I am. Really.

I have some spare isotoner gloves you can have.
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Cabbage Head
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Default Re: Um hi, looking for a good lawyer

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.
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lacks attention span....
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Default Re: Um hi, looking for a good lawyer

I guess you are screwed that old Johnny died...
"Tell me, do these appropriately hide my thunder?"-Tobias, Arrested Development
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