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Frank Dave

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Default Request...

I am a staff of a reputable bank here in South Africa. I will give you the name of the bank and other important information if I receive a positive reply from you. For security reasons I cannot disclose my full identity to you for now until I am sure of your cooperation. I work in the operations dept where I serve as account officer to numerous customers. One of the customers whom I worked as his account officer was a wealthy diamond merchant from the Republic of Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa. He lost his family in the war. He was lucky to escape alive and came to this country with his wealth.

Unfortunately he died few years back. Because this man was good to me when he was alive, I took it upon myself to travel to his country last month, to see if I could locate any of his close relations. On reaching there I discovered that his only surviving uncle died a few months back.

Now there are two things I could do with respect to the dead man's money. First, as his accounts officer, I could formally notify the bank authorities that the man is dead and has no next of kin. In this case the money would be forfeited to the government after some time. 0n the other hand, I can arrange for someone, a foreigner, to act as the next of kin of the late man so that he/she can claim the money. I took this option after my findings that this fund actually was a public fund looted by highly place government officials under the brutal military government. I want you to be my partners. All each of you would have to do is act as the next of kin of the dead man and the whole money in the account will be transferred to your nominated bank accounts. As the account/s officer to the late man, I have all the necessary documents that each of you require to claim the money in the account.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message in acceptance of our mutual business endeavour by furnishing me with the following in individual posts in reply to this urgent message:

1. Your Full Names and Address.
2. Direct Telephone and Fax numbers.
3. The routing numbers of your financial institution that you bank at
4. Your bank account numbers for the nominated accounts so I may start filling out the paper work to fax to you for signatures. This will speed up the process.

The total money in the account is USD$15 million. I hope to resign my job as a banker to join one of you or all of you in a viable business partnership at the eventual transfer of this fund. Kindly Respond me immediately.


Frank Dave
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Default Re: Request...

This is such an awesome opportunity that I'm sure we'll have to fight over it!
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Safe camp
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Default Re: Request...

Wow! 15 million..............
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Nowhere Man
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Default Re: Request...

So ,,,,,,,,,, which country do you think he visited? Because if it was Canada, we don't have to split the $15 mil into NEARLY as many pieces. Or else those of us north of the 49th parallel get squat. Which really doesn't seem fair. So if I don't get my share AND someone elses, I am going to rat you ALL out the "brutal military government"
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Cabbage Head
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Default Re: Request...

Originally Posted by karmeg View Post
This is such an awesome opportunity that I'm sure we'll have to fight over it!

OMG yes. Yes. YES YES YES.

Wait what? HAY!!!!!
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Default Re: Request...

only 15million...I've had better offers.
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yada yada yada
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Default Re: Request...

Hey! My birthday is coming up so I should get first dibs on this incredible chance at millions!
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The Angelic Bitch
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Default Re: Request...

Originally Posted by Jen View Post
only 15million...I've had better offers.
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