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View Poll Results: have you ever been a bully?
yes 7 50.00%
no 7 50.00%
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Default Re: have you ever been a bully?

Wait until he shows up at your door, KF. BAM. Punch to the face.
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Default Re: have you ever been a bully?

Originally Posted by JoJoJoey View Post
Holy crap Pav. How are you?
I'm good. Thanks for asking.
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Default Re: have you ever been a bully?

Originally Posted by kindnessfirst View Post
What I have been reading in this thread ... so many interpret bullying as a physical event. Reality is that bullying is more a psychological torture that can turn into a physical altercation.

Bullying can be a look that says, "Oh, wow ... seriously?"

Bullying can be a comment so simple as, "Oh Really. YOU think that way? Seriously?"

Bullying takes many forms; all are designed to put another person down.

I don't see a single act of rudeness, spitefulness, meanness, or physicalness as bullying...One one person? It's just being mean. I was mean pretty regularly. I never picked anyone specific to annoy, tease, or injure on a regular basis. I was usually being mean as payback for some other incident (or maybe perceived slight...there's no telling what was really going on for the other kid) that had happened to me or a friend. I got in a handful of fights...usually b/c I had said something to an adult...the incident was ignored, and I was pushed over the edge and wouldn't let it continue without letting the other person know if they really wanted to mess with me that b/c I easily outweighed them by 50 pounds and was at least 6 inches taller than they were that I could resist pretty hard. (I hit my growth spurt earlier than most of my the time I was 14ish, people were finally catching up.)

I had exactly 2 interests in school. My violin & reading. And I didn't bug others...until they bugged me. If it was annoying enough I would tell my teacher...if they laughed me off or said, "just ignore it"...I wouldn't wait for them to handle it.

I didn't think it was fair that we went through all those conflict resolution assemblies...and had teachers ignore us.
Originally Posted by CJSTora View Post
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Default Re: have you ever been a bully?

I agree with it needing to be a pattern of behavior to put the bully label on someone. Whether it's repeated mean-ness or violence towards one person or several incidents spread over several people, that would qualify as bullying IMO.
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