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Default Is there any one here ...

besides me, that watches both The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon?
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Default Re: Is there any one here ...

not i
Originally Posted by SilverXeno View Post
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Default Re: Is there any one here ...

I gave up on Big Bang Theory a few years ago. There were several episodes in a row that just didn't make me laugh. I still catch it once or twice a year, but it's not "must see" for me anymore. I'll probably watch the final few episodes though.

I do love Young Sheldon. I don't watch it regularly but I've enjoyed the fifteen or twenty episodes I have seen since it started.
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Default Re: Is there any one here ...

I don't watch either one. I like the commercials for Young Sheldon, but have never watched even one episode.
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Default Re: Is there any one here ...

I watch both. I think Young Sheldon is funnier, but Penny and Bernadette are better looking
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