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Loki, I’m sorry that I disgusted you, but my original post was intended to be more about what is going on with ISIS or ISIL and that even in a Country such as France, with strict gun laws, they pulled off this massacre despite those laws and that it is foolish for us to think it will just stop. With that said, I am a gun owner and second amendment supporter. However, I was not going with the “lest this happen to us” argument… this time.

Oz, “In what way did they fail and how does it have anything to do with terrorist war?”…. I would question, what are the laws in place for and did they protect the people? If the terrorist can obtain these weapons illegally then a plain ol’ evil non war terrorist person can also. Leaving the only ones that can’t obtain the weapons and the ammunition are the law abiding folks. Maybe fail is not the right word, but I don’t know of another. Below is a link from today’s “The Irish Times” that goes into great depth of France’s gun control issues despite the laws.

Am I such a good shot? Well, I’m no Clint Eastwood… But I do practice. I also completely understand that a live shooter changes everything and it would be absolutely nothing like the movies. There are so many variables, that no one can say what they would do without knowing the situation. I personally would rather have a chance than be a sitting duck. Sometimes, such as in the Oregon Mall shooting, (see below) the one with a concealed carry permit realizes that they don’t have a clear/safe shot and they never pull the trigger. But if the bad guy was just emptying round after round, like what took place at the concert in Paris the other night, With the right shot it could be the difference in one, three or thirty or more lives.

“In Oregon two innocent human beings lost their lives, but perhaps the carnage would have been worse if not for Nick Meli, who has a concealed carry permit and was in the mall when the gunman opened fire. Meli pulled his weapon, but did not shoot the gunman because there were bystanders who could have been injured. The gunman saw Meli, an armed citizen, and rather than shoot more innocents he pointed his weapon at himself.”

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