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Hello, Roco. If you're going to stick around, why not just create a new account?

(By the way, I believe we've found the identity of Number One. It's Commander Riker.)
thanks rewboss , #1 for me , previously my only number one apart from "me" was
Flight lieutenant Hatherway , back in the mists of time RAF days ,
I am just passing by these days, and days are fast passing by ,
just happy to lurk and see the alternative world , and not for me to comment on American ways , but I have every respect for the USA , indeed I owe all to American kids back in my school days , being a C.I immigrant into the UK ,never will forget they took me under their wing , me being the English bullied Islander , never forgot their shout of Hi Islander was up up then they waded in on my side , they taught me to walk tall and proud ,
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