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Default Re: Hello my name is Ben , ניתוחים פלסטיים

I can read a lot of it but do a lot of mispronunciation. Not being fluent I can't always determine what the vowel sounds are. When we learn Hebrew (at least here in the US in Hebrew School), we learn the letters like what you see up there. But there are also a series of lines and dots under the letters that are the vowels (there's one letter that doubles as a vowel sound too). Anyway, because the vast majority of Hebrew is written without vowels, I'm not always good with it. And my translation skills kinda suck, lol. I recognized part of the first Hebrew word up there (second if you're reading it from right to left). Hebrew is big with word roots, so if you can recognize the basic root then you can possibly get what it means. I got the "plastic" part. Then I copied and pasted the words into Google translator and got the "plastic surgery"
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