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Default Re: Its Spring Break

Sup Girl....WHATS UPPPP!!!!

Anyway i'd TOTALLY be down to party with you. I've been hitting the gym for weeks now so im fuckin' chizzled. Plus i know these chicks that work at the tanning salon so I got the hook up on free tanning too. You should see my tan, I'm like a bronze Statue of David, cut from a single piece os granite.

So if you wanna kick it, i'll be around. I'll be one of the guys in Abercrombie Hawaiian board shorts and a Pink Polo with the collar popped and my frat visor on. Me and my buddies have some Corona's and lots ot Tequila, were doing upsidedown shots and getting WASTED. Just follow the sound of MIMS "This is Why I'm Hot" and you CAN'T miss us.

but if you come bring some hoe's for my boys too. For Sho!
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