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Default Re: The woman vote and the Death of America

Originally Posted by Founding Father View Post
You know, Jesus did not campaign to let women vote, because he knew that women are the root of sin and destruction. So this once great land tampers with the constitution written by men of God, learned men who knew the dangers of giving the weaker sex, as well as colored people, but that is another post for another time, any say in governing this once mighty nation. The 19th amendment was a part of the satanic communist gambit to bring America down.
And the gambit ran full course this last election. Romney was sent by God as America's last hope. There were candidates who ran who knew about scientific evidence presented by their pastors from the bible that pregnancy from rape, although there is no such thing because 89% of the time the slut is asking for it and most of the rest of the time it is just destiny, can be shut down by the female body. No woman ever accidentally gets pregnant.

In fact, to make babies for one or more good wholesome Mormon men is the role women are meant to play.

But no..... We let women vote and they vote with their woman parts for NOBAMA instead of with any intelligence they might have for Romney. Birth control. Psha! Abortion. Psha! Women in the workplace. Psha! Health care providers forced to give medicine on the basis of health needs instead of the teachings of the Bible. Psha!

You could have saved America. A glorious future of men with multiple wives to wash their magical protective underwear and to knock up as they see fit. Now, America is lost. Women with rights, medical access for more people, access to medicine over religious objections.

I am going to take my government supplied cellular Obamaphone, wrap myself in the constitution and go spin in my grave. If there are any more free elections ever, which their probably wont be, vote for Romney if you c

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